Maintaining the exterior of your home is the key to keeping it beautiful. The Greener Side offers customers a variety of options to maintain their outdoor needs, including regular lawn maintenance, yard maintenance and home maintenance. Inquire about our horticultural services today!

Premier Client Program

Our premier client program offers dedicated services prescheduled throughout the year to ensure your lawn and gardens are consistently manicured and cared for while eliminating your burden of remembering to schedule them. Let us continuously nurture your greens and give you peace of mind knowing that we’ve got you covered.

Premier clients receive services that focus on ensuring your trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants thrive and your lawn is lush and green. As a Premier client of The Greener Side, you receive scheduling priority and you’ll have a dedicated team consistently passing by to care for your lawn and gardens each week.

Premier services include:

  • pruning and trimming specific to each plants individual and seasonal needs;
  • integrated pest management for shrubs to control insects and disease through proper pruning techniques, horticultural oil applications, nutrient management, proper mulching and regular scouting;
  • fertilization for planting beds, including liquid drench in the Spring and slow-release in the Fall;
  • mulching twice per year;
  • weed control in planted beds on three week intervals from June through September;
  • weekly mowing of full property adjusted as needed during the hottest weeks and up to 35 mows per year;
  • integrated pest management of lawns to control insects and diseases through proper mowing and edging techniques, nutrient and pH management, weed control, and grub control as needed;
  • lawn fertilizations that include targeted applications to optimize seasonal growth patterns three times per calendar year;
  • winter lime application to maintain soil pH;
  • three leaf removals in coordination with the Alexandria City leaf collection schedule;
  • winter snow removal in driveways;
  • gutter cleaning;
  • perennial care; and
  • billing payments to meet your needs, either monthly or annually.


 A La Carte Horticultural Services

In addition to our maintenance programs, we offer all horticultural services scheduled as needed or we can work with you to create a customized plan for seasonal and monthly clean-ups, mowing, fall leaf raking, and winter snow removal.

Lawn Care

Our lawn care program proactively nurtures your lawn throughout the year. Our technicians visit your property every other month to perform a specific, granular application and to spot treat your lawn for unwanted weeds before they become a serious problem.

Each application has a different purpose to help build the strength of your lawn. In the spring, our goal is to minimize crab grass, build turf strength, and boost your lawn’s root system before the harsher onset of summer. Summer applications build the color of your lawn while continuing to strengthen its endurance against summer weather. In the fall, we aerate to release soil compaction, add new seeds to existing turf, and give your lawn the nutrients it needs to survive the winter. Finally, during the winter, we improve your soil’s fertility in preparation for the spring by adjusting its ph levels.

Throughout all applications, our technicians will be continuously spot treating your lawn for weeds. Spot treating is preferable because it eliminates the need to spray an application over your entire lawn. Overtime, as your lawn becomes weed and crab grass free, the need for spot treating will decline.

Our technician(s) are licensed to perform all applications. They are knowledgeable of different types of issues that can occur with your lawn and can work with you onsite to remedy any problems.

Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing is at the heart of the Greener Side Lawn & Landscaping business. We started our entire business thirteen years ago with two lawn mowers. Now, our lawn mowing crews take care of hundreds of lawns a week in Alexandria and Arlington, VA.

In the spring and summer seasons, we recommend weekly mowings and will alter our mowing schedule to bi-weekly when appropriate during dry or extremely hot weather when grass grows slower.

Additional Lawn Maintenance Services
  • Seasonal and monthly lawn clean-ups
  • Aerating and overseeding
  • Fertilizing
  • Weed control
  • Soil testing and amendment
  • Pruning of ornamental trees and shrubs
  • Mulching
  • Turf management
  • Fall leaf removal
  • Gutter cleaning based on customers’ desired schedules
  • Snow removal